Use the Chill as the Thrill – Frayed Language

Hands up! Who’s ready for summer? The three week count down in on, literately marking the days off. And it’s beginning to be apparent in my denim. The less covered up I feel, the more I crave the warmth of the sun.


It hasn’t been as cold as predicted this year, so the thought of having some skin bare has been some what more easier. Denim thats on trend, right now, seems to be the most raw its been since the time no one new what a seam or a finished garment was. The more frayed, the more on trend. Accidental rips are for the weak, its about putting the guts into your denim and just shredding all the vital core organs and making it up beat.


Today’s quoted to Frayed Language ‘Don’t leave yet, I haven’t dropped the bass yet’ and this is exactly whats going on with the experimentation and the drive in denim.

LFW SS2015 day 1, London Fashionweek

Do you dare put a blade to your denim? Frayed Language always has, and always will!





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