Flash Back – Frayed Language

Do you ever have those days where you think about where you came from and how much of your mannerism from your early childhood have stuck with you? I sorted through my room today and stumbled across quite an old envelope filled with a lot of my childhood memories. After laughing, almost to tears sorting through them, a whole lot of my emotional memories came back and its amazing how much they still hold a huge part of who I am. Creatively, socially and professionally.

Most people know I absolutely hate my birthday. Never been a fan, have never wanted to make a huge ordeal about it. I would much rather celebrate someone else’s special day instead of my own. Mum was so much more into it as clearly the cake meant nothing to me, I was more interested in celebrating her.



Dressing extremely girly has never been a forte of mine, I am completely shocked that my parents even got this picture. I wonder how long the outfit lasted on my body? But I am always the person that will dress for the job. Christmas party perhaps, probably one of my parents boozy house bashes, probably a picture to send overseas to relatives to show that I capable of being a normal little girl?


There we go, now we are talking the real Frayed style, minus the denim at yet another one of my parents backyard do’s. Sneakers (mikey mouse of course), shorts and an oversized statement t-shirt. Check out the kid in the back, massive drunk! I might have been in prep to throw some sand or something at her, and Dad caught me out.


My love for laying in the sun and water has always been in my spirit. I am pretty sure I use to shot gun this pool most summer days and not allow anyone else in. Password to enter kids, one toy at a time. I have never being able to swim well, and this was clearly my idea of a great freestyle. Also good to see I was sun smart.


I grew up surrounded by music. The tv was never a huge interest of mine, only if it was rage on a Saturday morning. My Dad and I use to lay together in the front room and listen to records and cd’s for hours, which sparked my love for playing and abusing a lot of instruments. Then I opened my mouth and started singing, well that all went down the flusher after my year 12 music teacher made me practice classical music for hours. I wonder what I was performing, probably Jive Bunny mega mixes, or something so 80’s it would make your ears bleed now, I even look so disgusted in this photo.


I see some bad ass denim here, and check out those dance moves. Once again, at yet another one of my parents BBQ bashes, stealing the lounge room dance floor to burn out and get sent to bed. Am I wearing kiddie high tops? And how hard was I dancing to be looking all sweaty….

To this day, when I dance everything blocks out and I go into my own little world of bliss. I use to get caught out when at ballet classes for closing my eyes whilst moving. For a huge chunk of my life dance and performance was a priority to me. Being as chop and change as I am, that all finished up like the musical instrument phase.


Ok, there must have been more than four ingredients on my plate as I am clearly freaking out, or I was so god damn thirsty I had to yell it to the Mum gods! I don’t like to think I wear my food on my face like that anymore, but I am always the one to spill on myself. Forever finding stains and left overs for later.



Once again I have let you in on a few more of my embarrassing memories and secrets. Oh to be a kid again!










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