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Please don’t laugh but tonight I came across a some what difficult situation. After powering through my gym work out, I walk out of the gym in the greatest mood, to find that one of my car tyres is flat. Completely flat! In silence I tried not to stare, make a scene and began to figure out how I can get out of this situation as quickly as possible. So what did I do? Got in the car and drove it to the nearest petrol station…. I didn’t get very far. Half way there I could feel and hear the rim of the wheel touching the road.


Now, pushing my car towards the petrol station I laughed, and laughed, and laughed completely embarrassed until I began to cry, and laugh. My work out escalated times 100 and I managed to roll the car to the entrance of the petrol station when a gentleman, and I use that in that context because he was such a gentleman helped me. I lost it!

I don’t know how to pump up my tyres, how do I even go about this. My phone was out of battery, who do I, how do I call… God? So my new mate Anthony, in a shoulder to shoulder training technique taught me the ropes and even though I was crying and possibly the most annoying chick alive, he told me his wife would have been exactly the same. What a bloody champion!

Anthony then asked how I had the mental power to push my car all the way down the road… I replied, Denim!

I was so excited to get home and finish another Frayed Language summer piece, I just had to do what I had to do. Now that I had stopped sobbing and pulled my act together, Anthony was pretty impressed. I paid for his petrol as a Thank You and finally got back in my car.

Driving home, and finally getting in the front door I ran to my denim studio and hugged a pile of denim…. If thats not denim feels, I have no idea what is. Tonight I realised how much this brand and denim project pushes me to better things for myself and keep me sparkly.

Frayed Language is in the process of creating and making some new customised denim garments for summer. Stayed tuned for more blonde moments, well Im not blonde anymore and denim creations. I cant wait to shoot and show!







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  1. Oh Erin – you always make me smile with your experiences. Well done with your strength on pushing your car and accepting help – and paying forward by paying for the guy’s petrol was admirable. Enjoy your denim! Lv Lesley xo 🙂

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