Bend and Snap – Frayed Langauge

This morning I took myself for a walk around the streets of Melbourne to inspire myself all things denim, and it got me thinking about how all individuals compliment their denim threads in so many ways.

I have always had a huge shoe collection, to the point where I can’t even throw shoes out because they all mean something to me, or tell some sort of story to me. Shoes have always being my second go to in my wardrobe to drive me to wear and style myself the way I do. But today, it was a constant trickle with me spectating all these different individuals as to how they used their shoes to finished their denim outfit.

Sneakers, brogues, heels, the birkenstocks are still around even though its bloody icey, boots, and flat forms.


So, when I got home I went straight to me shoe collection and looked through what shoes I could wear to change the look of my denim. Then of course I went straight to google and got image inspired….. here is what I found














Happy Sunday









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