Denim Facts

Want to know a little bit more about why Frayed Language loves denim? Here are some denim fact’s you might not have known.

– Denim has decades of use in the clothing industry, especially in the manufacturing of overalls and trousers worn for heavy labour. This has demonstrated denim’s durability and strength.


–  During the time of World War II, jeans for men had the normal style of the zipper being in front, but for women, the zipper was placed on the right side. Thanks to the one who switched and stitched it back to the front, we dont have to worry about zipping our nickers into our pants now.


– A whooping 20 thousand tons of indigo is produced every year, simply for colouring jeans worldwide. To avoid shrinking, denim is washed straight after its original colouring, the rolled for production of garments.


– A maximum of 225 pair of jeans can be made out of just a single bale of cotton. Mother nature blesses denim everyday, Hello! eco friendly!!


– Jeans, especially the indigo ones were banned in theatres, schools and restaurants in the 50s. This was because they were seen as a form of rebellion against conventionality. They were a rage back then, but now, it’s obvious that a person will own at least three to five pairs. Frayed Language cant even count how many she owns!


– Here’s the French Connection – The word ‘Jeans’ is actually derived from the French term ‘bleu de Genes’. The word ‘denim’ comes from the name of the French city, Nimes. The terminology originated here, which is why the name is denim (de Nimes)


– In the 60’s and 70’s manufacturers started to make different styles of jeans to match the 60’s fashion styling which included embroidered jeans, painted jeans, psychedelic jeans etc, these were a huge part of the fashion and culture, and lead to the denim culture we know today.


– The oldest pair of jeans ever to be made was a Levi Strauss & Co. 501 pair, which is supposed to be about one hundred and fifteen years old. It was discovered in the year 1997 and auctioned in the year 2005 to an anonymous Japanese collector for $60,000. I am sure everyone owns some sort of Levis product. It is still the most dominantly sold fashion item.



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