Care For Your Denim

Just like washing your hair and skin, caring for your denim is a personal choice but this is how Frayed Language gets the job done, and if you’re sick of hearing all the myths and methods, just follow these ones.

Firstly there are a few things to check on your denim before you give them a shower.

1. Can you smell them from arms length?

2. Is there evidence of the many dinners, drinks and past activities lingering?

3. Do they constantly feel damp?

4. Hole, tares and sadden blowouts are happening more often, allowing discomfort?

If your denim falls under one or more of the above, continue reading.




If you are going for the extreme washed out look, distressed and reused look than a washing machine is perfect to cleanse your denim. But if you want your denim to remain healthy and have a wholesome life, let it soak in the tub for a short time. If you don’t have a bath, the sink is your second best option. 20 minutes with a few drops of detergent.

A tablespoon of SALT added to the water will allow the dye to set rather than run, if your 100% paranoid. If you are a wax denim kinda person, the shine of your denim remains like they’re brand new.

A tablespoon of corn starch, dissolved in a cup of hot water added to the soak will give the denim its stiff, original feel, if you want strong ankle cuffs or static folding lines.

Run into the ocean wearing them, I have witnessed this and its denim amazing! Strong colour hold, natural fibre maintenance and distressed honeycomb effects.






Avoiding as much sunlight as possible (risk of fading) hang your denim from the top of the garment to air dry. The dye of the garment will run evenly through the denim as they dry. Laying them flat will cause the dye to remain in uneven patches and cause dark spots, randomly. No one needs uneven Steven denim. Air drying allows for an even dry all over and those odd spots that always take longer wont keep the denim smelling stale.

Pulling the denim inside out and hanging outside is also a great way to freshen an unwashed denim.




Not only can you bake a cake in the oven but you can actually cook your folded denim on a raging 200 degrees celcius. Eliminating all odours, stenches and funky bananas, the heat of the oven will refresh your denim like you would not believe. If you have a fan forced gas oven in your home, I ADVISE YOU DO NOT DO THIS. Lets not state the obvious, so what I would recommend…

Folding that denim garment and freezing over night. I normally put them into a plastic bag, but I took a risk and let them sit stand alone on the freezer shelve next to the frozen peas, and the effect was positive. Freezing the garment will kill the bacteria that cause your odours to smell. Once frozen over night, allow them to air dry, hanging top to bottom again.



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