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A coarse twilled cloth, usually cotton, used for jeans, overalls, shirts and jackets, Denim has being my best worn thread since I was a very young girl. I grew up around a lot of boys and I developed this girly tom boy nature in my clothing and style watching my older cousins dress in the 90’s. My mum exposed me to all sorts of denim, tensel, stretch and distressed. And from there I all of a sudden had this personal obsession.

I never really had hand me downs, being one of few females in the family so my mum taught me to sew and my nanna put together a sewing kit for me to keep. Forget about following the patterns, I wanted the clothing and denim to be unique and different, and to completely break the rules.

I began cutting into old Jeans, adapting refurbishing shirts, and built up the courage to make changes to denim pieces which then, became some of my most favourite and collected items of clothing. They still remain in my wardrobe today, or some how my mum has pinched them!

When I first began this project, my close friends assumed I had been offering it for years, but as of now I am sharing  my passion for customised denim to you. Frayed Language is a brand that will make you love denim more than I do.




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